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Paul Wirths Bestecke a brand by Amefa


Paul Wirths Bestecke, represents more than 90 years of experience in high quality cutlery. The brand goes back to Paul Wirths who founded a machine shop for cutlery-making in Solingen, Germany in 1926. It started out grinding and machining steel for the local cutlery industry in Solingen. In the 1960ies the company expanded into exports making its own cutlery and also manufacturing high quality tableware for a small number of international companies. Manufacturing was expanded and with the share of exports continuing to grow since the 1970ies we currently export around 40% of our products. in over 90 years of company history four generations have accumulated excellent knowledge and outstanding experience in working with stainless steel products – knowledge and experience which you can trust implicitly. Today Paul Wirths Bestecke is a supplier of high quality cutlery which satisfies the highest demands of international markets in terms of design, quality and functionality.