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Welcome to Paul Wirths Cutlery Solingen, Germany

Paul Wirths

Paul Wirths


since 1926



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Cutlery, Hotel, Catering

Catering Cutlery

high quality flatware

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stainless steel dishwasher safe

no rust on cutlery

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Quality & Garantee

Quality & Garantee

5 years garantee on cutlery

…The pleasure of eating

and a beautifull laid table, these are two concepts which are intimately related. In our hectic times it is so important to take time out, relax and enjoy in style. There is no better place for it than at home around a beautifully laid table. We provide you the ingredients for a table presented with style and panache. Let us pique your curiosity and give you some ideas. Have a look and be inspired!

Bon appétit!

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