Our Brands

Amefa - A well-respected and cherished brand in the gastronomy industry

The esteemed choice of the gastronomy industry

Restaurants, hotels, and gastronomic establishments rely on Amefa to provide their guests with a premium cutlery experience.

Experience and tradition since 1931

Since its founding in 1931, the renowned brand Amefa has become a solid name in the cutlery industry. With over 90 years of experience and tradition, Amefa represents top-notch quality and stylish design.

Timeless elegance for every occasion

With its exceptional and timeless designs, Amefa brings irresistible elegance to every table. Whether for formal dinners, festive occasions, or daily use at home, Amefa cutlery perfectly complements every event, adding a touch of style and sophistication to the set table.

Kuppels: A young, fresh, and modern brand for today's kitchen

Cutlery for the "Finally-Home" feeling

Kuppels' cutlery range includes a diverse selection of high-quality cutlery for your modern home. From classic stainless steel cutlery to modern sets with trendy plastic handles in fashionable colors - Kuppels has the perfect cutlery for every taste.

A diverse offering for the modern kitchen

Kuppels is a brand that specializes in modern cutlery for the contemporary kitchen. In addition to cutlery, their range also includes a selection of kitchen knives, cutting boards, and children's cutlery with cute designs.

Kuppels' products stand out with their stylish and appealing appearance, bringing freshness and innovation to the kitchen.

Paul Wirths: Tradition and Quality since 1926

A brand with long-standing experience

Since its establishment in 1926, the brand Paul Wirths has been synonymous with classic elegance and top-notch quality.

Exquisite quality

Each piece of cutlery is carefully crafted to meet the highest standards and ensure outstanding durability. With an impressive experience in manufacturing cutlery and kitchen accessories, Paul Wirths is a brand trusted by generations of people.

Elegant cutlery: Timeless beauty for every occasion

Paul Wirths' cutlery range embodies timeless beauty and classic design. Each piece is crafted with attention to detail and is characterized by premium materials and precise craftsmanship. From simple everyday cutlery to luxurious sets for festive occasions, Paul Wirths offers a variety of elegant options.

Tradition since 1839: A long history in knife making

Since its founding in 1839, Richardson Sheffield has a long tradition of producing high quality knives. The company is proud to continue its heritage as a renowned knife brand and to delight its customers with first-class products.

Craftsmanship and precision: blades of masterful knives

Richardson Sheffield knife blades are a testament to outstanding craftsmanship and precision. They are meticulously crafted from high-quality materials and carefully sharpened to ensure exceptional sharpness and longevity.

Innovative design for ultimate performance

Richardson Sheffield places great emphasis on innovative design that allows for optimal performance in the kitchen. The knives are ergonomically shaped for comfortable handling, while their attractive appearance brings elegance to any kitchen.

Lou Laguiole - French design, très chic! 

Lou Laguiole is a renowned French brand known for its high-quality knives. The brand is named after the small village of Laguiole in the south of France, which is famous for its traditional knife production.

Elegant design with recognition value

Feel the charm and elegance of Lou Laguiole's distinctive design. The exquisite savoir-faire and delicate ornamentation make each knife a work of art that perfectly reflects your special style. 

From everyday to special occasions

Lou Laguiole knives are suitable for both everyday use and special occasions and are a symbol of French craftsmanship and quality.

With Lou Laguiole you can express your individuality and your love of fine craftsmanship in a very special way. Dive into the world of Lou Laguiole and experience French elegance in your kitchen.

Cutlery brand with a good price-performance ratio

The Beckmann & Rommerskirchen brand has made a name for itself as a cutlery brand with high-quality products at a fair price. The company offers a diverse portfolio of cutlery that includes both trendy and timeless designs.

Beckmann & Rommerskirchen: Quality and style for the table setting

With Beckmann & Rommerskirchen you get high-quality cutlery at a fair price. The brand combines quality, functionality and appealing design to enrich your table setting. Whether for everyday use or special occasions, Beckmann & Rommerskirchen offers cutlery that is both practical and stylish.