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  1. Amefa steakcutlery set wood PORTERHOUSE

    Amefa steakcutlery set wood PORTERHOUSE

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The right steak knife for all occasions

What could be better than spending a warm summer evening with family and friends and enjoying freshly prepared delicacies from the barbecue? A good steak knife is an excellent choice, because no one wants to spoil their enjoyment by sabre-rattling around for too long.

Variety of brands
At we have put together a colourful selection of steak knives from leading European brands such as Richardson Sheffield, Lou Laguiole, Paul Wirths or Amefa. Whether dishwasher-safe entry-level model with colourful plastic handles or professional quality with handles made of fine natural woods: our sharp steak knives will give you and your loved ones pleasure for a long time.

Steak knife blade
A good steak knife is indispensable for a meat lover. With its long, slightly upward-curved and particularly sharp blade, you can cut your meat effortlessly. We distinguish between smooth blades and blades with a saw. Smooth blades have the advantage that they can be sharpened easily with a sharpening steel. They glide smoothly through the food to be cut. 

Everything in the handle
Of course, the knife handle should be comfortable to hold. Here, too, we have various shapes for you in our portfolio: Bellied or angular - you decide.

Steak knives - a real all-rounder
Of course, steak knives should not only be used in summer at the barbecue. They feel just as at home with fondue in winter - in fact, whenever meat is involved. Our expert tip: Steak knives are also excellent for cutting tomatoes and crispy pizza. The serrated edge easily cuts the smooth tomato skin and crispy pizza dough, preventing the soft flesh from being crushed.