Amefa - well known and appreciated brand of hospitality industry 

You like going out for dinner? Then turn your cutlery around during your next visit in a restaurant - you have surely already eaten with Amefa cutlery.  

After all, the Amefa brand is best known to professional gastronomy and hotel business professionals, but also in the communal sector.  

This cutlery is really tough! Get real professional tools for your home with Amefa.  

Take a look at the professional range here

Kuppels gives a refreshing breeze to your home! 

Do you like to furnish your home with the latest trends and colours?  

The Kuppels brand offers you cutlery and kitchen knives for your home <3  

The brand exists since 1906 and has over 110 years of experience in these products.  

Click here for the Kuppels range. 

Paul Wirths - Culture and Table and Table and Culture 

Everyday life is often very intense, especially in our times. Therefore, it is even more important to slow down from time to time.  

Culture and table and table and culture - these two terms are inseparably linked.  

Paul Wirths cutlery brings them all back to the table. Every day, every year - for a lifetime.  

Click here for Paul Wirths cutlery and kitchen knives.  

Richardson Sheffield - shaping the global knife market since 1839. 

The British brand Richardson Sheffield, is known for excellent kitchen knives and robust scissors.  

Whether you are a beginner, hobby-chef or self-declared pro-chef - in the Richardson Sheffield kitchen knife assortment you will definitely find a reliable tool for your kitchen.  

Click here for the Richardson Sheffield range.  

Lou Laguiole - French design, très chic! 

The brand Lou Laguiole, is known for its elegantly shaped knives.  

A combination of the traditional Navaja knife and the French Capuchadou, which was originally used by farmers and shepherds in the south of France. These traditional details fit perfectly with the stylish design. 

As a member of the "Laguiole Knife Association", we are allowed to wear and therefore use the traditional symbol. 

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